How do I join the club?

Select a plan which suits you the best.

To be a Smart Saver Member and enjoy shopping at wholesale prices/Factory Prices, just add a membership plan to your cart. The membership will last till the duration of the plan. You can then purchase another plan before the end of your current plan to continue shopping at Smart Saver Membership prices. Smart Saver Membership can be bought using Cash on Delivery.

Make Payment. Returnable If you feel no benefit

Make Payment.Fee is not recurring, which means that you don't authorize us to charge you continuously (month-on-month). If you wish to renew or extend your membership, you can do so by buying an additional membership plan.

What Benefits I Get

Now You Can Start Purchasing products at Membership Prices i.e. at Factory / Wholesale / Special Discounted Price. Every Week one new product at Factory Price / Wholesale / Global Product will be intimated to buy.

Know Discount

After confirmation of Membership Payment , your ID will add to a special discounted prices. This feature will be considered to buy global products also.This is fully controlled by

How do I renew my membership?
You can buy an additional membership plan to extend or renew the duration of your current membership.
Is the membership fee final?

Membership plans are currently offered at introductory prices and are liable to change. In case of any updation in the membership fee, you don't have to pay anything extra for your ongoing plan. However, the plan renewals will happen at updated prices only.

Am I eligible for quicker order delivery than normal with this membership?
Presently Not
What is the maximum number of orders that I can place during the membership period?
There is limit to the number of orders that you can place on the Siddaguru platform depends on category.
What is the validity of membership?

Club membership can be bought for a period of 1 month (31 days), 6 months (186 days) and 12 months (365 days). Membership expires at midnight on the last day of your membership period.