Thank you for all your support. We have been listening closely your feedback.Today we proud to present Pre-Order System

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Why Pre-Oder ?

Can not wait for next flash sale ?

Now Just Pre-Order our awesome products from various sellers

Always available

Pre-Order products will be available at seller store point.. Ready to dispatch.

Go digital !! Pay Online

Pre-orders can be done through online payments only. COD option is not available.

Pre-Ordering Procedure

Follow Step by Step procedure and Tips to Order your product

Select Products

Select Pre-Order Labelled Products

Place Order

Place Order of desired product along with Address

Pay Online

Select payment option and pay online for delivery

Login / Register

Sign up for and log in to your siddaguru account in advance before the sale starts

Delivery Address

To speed things up further, add your delivery address, billing address and set it as default

Ready Payment info

Have your payment information (debit, credit, Netbanking, etc.) ready during the pre-ordering process

Note: If the product goes out of stock, no fear - try again later! Stock from unpaid pre-orders will be made available again.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-Ordering System

Pre-ordering lets you purchase your favourite Products without waiting for flash sales.
You may order number of products of each 5 per pre-order.
Pre-orders will be shipped within 5 days after payment.
Yes. If you add regular products to your pre-order, your entire order will be shipped when the pre-ordered products are ready (within 5 days). The pre-ordered products will be clearly marked in your Orders page.
COD option is not available for pre-orders. Please prepare your payment information (credit, debit, Netbanking, online wallets, etc.) ready before placing pre-order.
No, you cannot change your delivery address once you have placed your order. Please make sure you have filled in the correct delivery information.
No. In the event of product price adjustment prior to delivery, the price of paid orders will not be affected.
Yes, you may cancel your pre-order before it is shipped.
Once you cancel your order, it will take 7-10 working days on average to process your refund.

Best Selling Products on Pre-Ordering System