Merchant Membership

Services Gold Member Platinum Member Diamond Member
No of Products Integration 25 26 to 50   51 to 75   76 to 100 Unlimited (Max limit 500)
No of Category Catalogs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Store Template Configuration Yes Yes
Business Identity Yes Yes
Verified Supplier Identity    Yes Yes
Priority search results ranking   Yes Yes
Statistical analysis tool   Yes Yes
Response to buyer inquiries   Yes Yes
Dedicated customer support   Yes Yes
Social Media Ads of products Yes Yes
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You don’t have a seller network, don’t worry now you can buy and sell all across India on , we will help grow your business with us.

  • Web Page Integration Charges

    Price / Month
  • Web Integration & Store set up charges
  • Membership Charges
  • Taxes --GST 18% extra
  • * Billed Yearly
  • Gold          Merchant Member

    Upto 25 Products
  • Rs.5/- per product per month charged yearly
  • Rs.500/- per year
  • GST 18% extra
  • * Billed Yearly
  • Subscibe
  • Diamond Merchant Member

    Unlimited (Max limit 500)
  • Rs.590/-for unlimited products per month charged yearly
  • Rs.1500/- per year
  • GST 18% extra
  • * Billed Yearly
  • Subscibe
Note: Simply add your business to our network and grow your business. No commissions will be charged on sales.
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