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Ashwagandhahills 60 Capsule – Anti-Stress & Revitalize

Sold By : Sukhasthi
  • Ashwagandha support a natural And balanced response to stress and anxiety.
  • It has calm and rejuvenating effect
  • Helps boost energy levels & stamina, which supports reistance to fatigue
  • One capsule twice daily will Lead to a Stress-Free, Healthy Lifestyle To Extract The Most Out Of Life
165.25 Excl Tax

Himalaya Himcal Suspension 200 ml

Sold By : SAKURA
  • For optimal bone development in puppies
  • For the formation of strong bones and teeth in adult dogs
  • Helps in the prevention of milk fever post whelping and in lactating mothers
  • As an adjuvant in therapy for rickets
84.75 Excl Tax

Himalaya Quista Pro Powder Chocolate 2kg

Sold By : SAKURA

Himalaya Quista Pro Powder Fortified with Power Herbs contains a blend of concentrate, isolate & hydrolysate for faster absorption and maximum benefits. It is composed with advance whey formula that shows next level results. The taurine present helps to minimize post-workout injury and aids in faster recovery. It is enriched with full power pack ingredients from the treasures of Ayurveda which are known to help improve muscle and bone strength. Quista Pro contains B complex vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C that improves the metabolism and overall muscle strength and performance.

3,813.56 Excl Tax

Karela –Karelahills 700 Capsules – Healthy Sugar Management

Sold By : Sukhasthi
  • May help maintain normal sugar levels
  • May help improve functions of the pancreas
  • Acts as a bitter tonic
  • Helps to purify blood
  • Helps in activating spleen
1,389.83 Excl Tax

Karela Capsules – Karelahills 60 Capsules

Sold By : Sukhasthi
  • It is an Ayurvedic medicine which helps in effectively managing blood glucose levels & improve carbohydrate metabolism.
  • It is low in calories, fats and carbohydrates & helps in liver detoxification.
  • May help improve proper functions of the pancreas.
  • One capsule twice daily will give you all the bitters – which may help to purify blood.
209.32 Excl Tax
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