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You can Sell Online, On Social Media and In-store .

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Our 2-of-3 multi-signature wallet removes all single points of failure by using 3 keys: your private key, your offline backup key.Each transaction requires 2 keys for signing giving you full control.


Provides a simple and robust REST-ful API as well as an easy to use client SDK to integrate multi-signature technology into your existing applications and services. The integration can be as simple as changing one line of code.


Our powerful, client-side SDK implements all the security details needed for today's wallet and blockchain related application needs. You stay focused on your business and application while we take care of the blockchain details. Secure. Easy. Safe.

Build your online store

Customize Your Store. You will have complete control on your Store Front.No design skills needed. Add your images, text and sell.

Store Front

We help to design your store at Siddaguru

Your products will be displayed in an catalogue and showcase at no extra cost. Sell products as many as you wish.

Show Case Your Products

We help to show case your products at Siddaguru

Checkout.Accept Payments instantly, we integrate with major payment gateways.Your data is safe, secure and protected.

Checkout and Payments

We help to get your payments instantly. at Siddaguru

A dedicated team of experts ready to help you at all the time. They are empowered to share ideas and solve problems.

Client Support

We always to help client in his store front at Siddaguru

What all need to start selling

It is very easy to start selling of your awesome products online. Powerfull tools are designed which applications are easy to use and publish your products. Basic requirements are 1.Company PAN Card . 2.VAT/CST Number, 3. Bank Account . 4.Secured Payments

Siddaguru Store Front

No Web Site ? No Problem. We offer merchants a fully customizable store front at no cost to sell thier awesome products online. No technical and expertize is required to build your store front. Simply get registered rest our technical team will support and take of every thing till sales of products. Store Front, creating product categories, updating inventory, creating SKU's, managing customers and running your online store. Your online store includes a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. Your customers can browse and buy from your store using any mobile phone or tablet..