Vaadi Lavender Shampoo With Rosemary Extract-110ml

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What causes damage to the hair ?

They can make or mar your first impressions. A glossy & healthy name always speaks for itself. But in today’s hectic lifestyle it is almost impossible to take care of hair. Sun’s UV rays, wind, pollution, excessive shampoo, heat styling, hard water and also stress are some of the important factors that damage hair. While extreme weather conditions target the hair follicles, growth is tapered with and these also give rise to a number of hair problems. Which are premature graying, dandruff, lice, itching, lack-lusterless etc. The hair contains keratin which makes them strong, shiny and healthy. When hair follicles aren’t strong enough then hair-growth is hampered. Regular shampoo and conditioning with a good therapeutic shampoo will bring back the life in your hair. 

What are the benefits of Lavender in Hair care ?

Lavender Oil is a well-known aromatherapy oil that is extracted by the process of stream distillation from flowers of lavender plant.  Scalp conditions are distorted with the external stimuli acting on it making it vulnerable to fungi (dandruff), lice and dullness. Lavender Oil effectively tackles hair loss. Even severe conditions like Alopecia areata wherein bald patches are formed on the scalp can be treated with Lavender oil. Dry scalp, lice eggs, limpness, thinning etc. are things of past when it comes to Lavender Oil. However dandruff and itchiness disappear within a few days of use. Lavender Oil soothes the senses and works miraculously to give you that dream mane.

Active Ingredients : Lavender Extract, Rosemary Extract

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