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IGSURF 5070 US is a liquid Hand Sanitizer designed to kill the microbes responsible for transmission of diseases. It is an Alcohol based Sanitizer. On application, Alcohol evaporates while the sanitizer is rubbed on hands.

IGSURF 5070 US is a unique Sanitizer, a Green product with Green Technology. It not only kills the Germs but it also leaves an emollient effect on hands. It is a skin-friendly Sanitizer, better than soap and detergent. There is no need of using water when IGSURF-5070 US is applied.

IGSURF 5070 US contains more than 69.4 % (v/v) of alcohol (Denatured). Certain surfactants and emollient are incorporated, in order to render soft feel to the hands. Use of it kills many different kinds of microbes making it a potent product for controlling the spread of contagious diseases. It is recommended, therefore, mainly to make the hands free of different kinds of Germs.

In the case of high lipids or protein waste (such as food processing), the use of IGSURF 5070 US alone may not be sufficient to ensure proper hand hygiene. It requires washing of hands with soaps and water prior to the use of it.

The excipients present in IGSURF-5070 US formulation helps to get penetrated into the vulnerable surfaces such as around the fingernails, between the fingers, on the back of the thumb, and around the wrist. IGSURF-5070 US should be thoroughly rubbed into the hands and on the lower forearms. Enough quantity of IGSURF 5070 US to be taken so that both the hands including their vulnerable parts are wet with Sanitizer before it gets dried while rubbing.

There are certain situations during which Hand Washing with water and soap are required before application of IGSURF-5070 US for better results. These include: Eliminating Bacterial Spores of Clostridioides, parasites such as Cryptosporidium, and certain viruses like Norovirus


  • Apply sufficient quantity, enough to completely wet both hands, on palm of one hand. Rub hands together wet both hands completely.
  • Rub hands together in such a way that the Sanitizer reaches to all parts of both the hands before it dries off during rubbing.

HandSantolTM are manufactured by India Glycols Limited, Kashipur (License no.: 66/UA/2007 Form 25) and India Glycols Limited, Gorakhpur (License no.: 03 of 2020 Form 25) strictly in compliance with the licenses issued by the designated government authorities from Dehradun and Gorakhpur respectively.

It is authorised to Market by Siddaguru Ecommerce LLP, Hyderabad under the License No: TS/MDL/2020/59646. Please send your queries to & .

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